Our Philosophy


All our wines are made from grapes grown on our estate. We believe that having complete control of the quality allows every decision to be based on whether it will drive better quality & complexity in the finished wine. This combined with our sought after location has created wines that are elegant and downright tasty!

It took nearly 3 years of searching for exactly the right site that has the ideal mix of geology, aspect and soil properties to produce the most interesting flavours from the varieties planted. Choosing one’s own site, as frustratingly difficult it is to do in the South East of England, has distinct advantages from using land that is already there, which is frequently the case.

As we wish to reduce the amount of protective sprays to a minimum, we use weather station data for disease modelling as well as maintaining a balanced surrounding ecology such as meadows, trees and cover crops. We have planted special blends of grasses and clovers to fix nitrogen as well as encouraging a good natural fauna in the soil.

All vines are trained on what is termed high VSP (vertical shoot positioning) trellising system. We prune using the double Guyot method where a new cane is made to burst bud and produce fruit each year before being removed and replace with another. This yearly ‘rejuvenation’ ensures the highest quality and delicacy of flavours even if it is more labour intensive.