We maintain all the gains made in the vineyard through to the wine making with the use of modern and above all, gentle equipment. We ensure a low interventionist approach to express the wine’s origin as much as possible. Our sparkling is all bottle fermented and aged on their lees for between 2 and 5 years using reserve wines in the blend to add complexity and balance. And our popular Ortega is treated with respect to bring the flavours to the fore.

All our grapes are hand-picked to enable selection during harvest as well as allowing for gentle pressing within a special press. The juices are handled minimally, either by gravity or using gentle pumps. A small proportion of the sparkling base wines are fermented and aged in 2-3 year old Burgundian barrels, while our Ortega Barrel Ferment is all fermented and aged in barrel.

Once we have a good understanding of each sparkling wine base we blend these to create a vintage-based blend using some reserve wine from the preceding years to add complexity. The style we aim for is fresh and rounded as we use more Pinots in the blend than others. We usually avoid the dumbing down effect of malolactic fermentation. We hold back some of the best parcels for following years as well as storing some under light pressure in magnums for later use in our Prestige Cuvée. All our sparkling wines are built for some aging and will improve further for a number of years once disgorged.

Our Ortega is bottle in the late spring the following year to preserve the freshness and aromas. Depending on the year we like to experiment with this variety as it is very versatile. For instance we have produced a limited edition desert wine and recently a rosé containing some of our ripe Pinot Noir in it.

Our Naughty Hare premium still wine range is left to mature in barrel till later the following year to develop in barrel and then in bottle prior to release.