Petulant Nature 2020

Petulant Nature 2020

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English Pet Nat made from our signature Ortega grapes, partially fermented in stainless steel with indigenous yeasts. Limited to 1,000 bottles.


Grapes: Ortega Clone 25, 1100 Kilos.

Harvest: 25th September 2020 - Picked at 19.4 Brix and 7 TA.

Winemaking: Pressed gently and partially fermented in stainless steel tank with indigenous yeasts. Temperature kept below 20 degrees and bottled once desired density was reached.

Bottled: 14th October 2020 - Manual gravity filler, no filtration or additions.

Colour: Chartreuse

Nose: Ripe red apple, Comice pear, grapefruit, honeysuckle.

Palate: Cox’s, Pomelo and sherbert.

Food Match: Fish and chips, oysters. Nothing.



Bottle Size



Crown Cap


Ortega Clone 25

As this wine is undisgorged there will be a lees deposit in the bottle neck.
Please chill well and open carefully directing the bottle away from you.