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February 05, 2021

Westwell <br>Illustrations

Westwell’s designer and illustrator Galia talks about the inspiration behind our labels. When we first took over Westwell back in 2017, the very special terroir was the recurring theme of all of our conversations. We marvelled at the site, and whilst there on one of our early visits, we took...

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Pelegrim Beats Champagne
In Blind Tasting

November 25, 2020

Pelegrim Beats Champagne<br>In Blind Tasting

We are thrilled that in a blind tasting conducted by Neil Walker, founder of The English Vine wine company, sensory perception expert Dr Heber Rodrigues of East Sussex’s Plumpton College and Dr Nicolas Depetris-Chauvin of The Geneva School of Business, Pelegrim came out on top. Blind tasting results: Westwell Pelegrim...

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Winemaker Adrian On His
Love of Sparkling Wine

August 08, 2020

Winemaker Adrian On His<br>Love of Sparkling Wine

There are so many things I love about making sparkling wine. With the traditional bottle method, the slow process is definitely one element I find compelling, but I also love the myriad different ways that we use to make wines at Westwell. Hopefully, people have tried the Petulant Nature wine...

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