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Pelegrim Beats Champagne
In Blind Tasting

November 25, 2020

Pelegrim Beats Champagne<br>In Blind Tasting

We are thrilled that in a blind tasting conducted by Neil Walker, founder of The English Vine wine company, sensory perception expert Dr Heber Rodrigues of East Sussex’s Plumpton College and Dr Nicolas Depetris-Chauvin of The Geneva School of Business, Pelegrim came out on top. Blind tasting results: Westwell Pelegrim...

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Winemaker Adrian On His
Love of Sparkling Wine

August 08, 2020

Winemaker Adrian On His<br>Love of Sparkling Wine

There are so many things I love about making sparkling wine. With the traditional bottle method, the slow process is definitely one element I find compelling, but I also love the myriad different ways that we use to make wines at Westwell. Hopefully, people have tried the Petulant Nature wine...

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Compost &
Nettle Tea

June 11, 2020

Compost &<br>Nettle Tea

Compost If you’ve ever wondered what becomes of all those grass clippings that go into your green waste garden bin at home - well - some of them end up at Westwell - please thank your lawns from us. Over time, older vines will have depleted the nutrients in the...

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