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Our Soil
at Westwell

February 28, 2023

Our Soil<br>at Westwell

This month, we’ve been working on a full analysis of the soil across our site. Soil is essential for people and for the planet: purifying water, capturing carbon, protecting us from flooding, putting food on our tables and - crucially - wine in our glasses! No two soils are the...

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Our First
Vineyard Beehive

December 01, 2022

Our First<br>Vineyard Beehive

This month, beekeepers Roland and Anne Thomas visited to install our first Westwell hive. Set at the top of the vineyard, just below the Pilgrim's Way, and right on the edge of our wildflower meadow. We have approximately 25,000 bees in the hive which sounds like a lot, but once...

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November 24, 2022


We are beyond delighted to announce the relaunch of our non vintage traditional method sparkling wine, Pelegrim: newly rebranded and now wholly produced by the current team. Pelegrim started life as a traditional method wine created by the vineyard's previous owner, John Rowe. When the current team took over, we...

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