Westwell Wine Estates

Our site is located just beneath the Pilgrims Way on the North Downs, a route used for centuries by Pilgrims travelling to Canterbury. Just over 9 acres is planted with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier – our sparkling wine varieties and 4 acres of Ortega - our still wine.

Beneath the sandy silt-loam soil layer, lies the chalk sub-layer, similar to that in Champagne. This provides both excellent deep drainage as well as gentle moisture to the vines even in the driest of summers. Our soils contain high proportions of flint, which help drainage and retain the heat, before radiating this back during the night.

There are six classified soil geologies on site and each variety and clone has been planted according to its best suited position. Chardonnay is situated on shallower chalky soils where flint proportions are highest as well as where it captures the evening sun best. The Pinots are on sandy/chalky soil. Our Ortega is planted in the sandiest, most sheltered spot to fully develop its fruity aromatic style.