Westwell Wine Estates
Westwell Wine Estates

12 Bottles

Over the course of 12 months, you'll receive six bottles of Westwell as well as an additional six bottles of the Club Exclusive Wine.

15% Discount

Restock your cellar and top up with Westwell throughout the year with 15% discount on all wine purchases during your membership.

Get Your Hands Dirty

As part of your subscription, throughout the year, you'll be invited to winemaker forums as well as the opportunity to "taste the tanks" and participate in vineyard days.

... and More

Throughout the year, members will receive additional discounts, a limited edition print plus offers and rewards to make your Westwell experience even better.

Frequently asked questions

The subscription is paid either on an annual or quarterly basis. Your subscription covers all of the benefits for the duration of the 12 months.

You'll receive 6 bottles of Westwell Wine which will showcase our favourites such as Ortega and Pelegrim but as our wines evolve, we'll share new ones too. You'll also receive six bottles of the Club wine made through the democratic voting process when it's ready.

Delivery is included in your subscription payment. Should you order more wines during the course of the year, there is free UK delivery for orders over £100. We're unable to offer international delivery at the moment.

Not at all. When you're approaching the 12 month anniversary of your subscription, we will send you an email where you can choose to renew or cancel.