Blanc de Blancs Zero Dosage Winemaker's Notes

The 2013 Vintage

Despite a warm, extended summer, the 2013 harvest in England arrived later than usual. This was due to a combination of factors: a long, cold winter that delayed bud burst and flowering, followed by a cool autumn.

A Decade in the Making

Originally bottled in 2014, we opted to age the majority of the wine on lees until we disgorged in 2021. With our characteristic curiosity, we decided to hold a small portion back for continued aging to see what might happen.

In 2023, after nearly ten years on lees, the wine displayed remarkable character and the decision was made to bottle it as a zero dosage. Following disgorgement in November 2023, the wine rested for an additional 5 months on cork before release.

Despite its age, the Blanc de Blancs 2013 Zero Dosage is surprisingly clean, fresh and focussed. The characteristic buttery, pastry notes of aged Chardonnay are present, yet are well balanced.

The extended aging has given the wine remarkable depth and texture. While the initial acidity may have been more pronounced, it has softened over time, resulting in a soft, elegant, open wine.


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