Pinot Noir 2017

When taking over from previous owners John and Rids Rowe in 2017, we discovered a barrel of Pinot Noir that John had been experimenting with. It had a ripe pinot flavour that was a little masked by oak.

We decided to develop this by creating our own red pinot in stainless steel and blending the two. Sometime in 2018, we tasted the blend and decided it needed some time to develop, so the wine was tucked away and promptly forgotten until the summer of 2020.

Tasting the wine then was a surprise. We bottled it immediately.

This wine is the result of both ours and John's experimentation - a rough and ready thing but with an undeniable charm.

Currently Pinot Noir '17 is only available at the Cellar Door - by bottle or glass.

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