Wine Focus:
Field Blend 2018

Westwell Field Blend 2018 in Motion
Our Field Blend in motion, expertly captured by @greatbritishwine.

Our Field Blend is this month’s focus wine. A light blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with a luscious glowing red hue, our Field has been fermented naturally with indigenous yeasts. The label features a cross section of our beloved Westwell soil and a hand dipped wax mouth. Limited to 1,000 bottles and available online for £19.50. Shop now »


Westwell Field Blend 2018 in the Hand
Westwell Field Blend 2018. Photograph by @westwellwines.

Westwell Field Blend 2018 Served by Fire + Wild
Westwell Field Blend at @fireandwild’s forest supper. Photograph by @westwellwines.

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