Cheese, Meat,<br>Bread & Wine

Cheese, Meat,
Bread & Wine

It’s been great to welcome guests this spring for our first foray into food. Working with exceptional Kentish producers Moons Green Charcuterie and Cheesemakers of Canterbury, we are now able to serve delicious cheese and charcuterie plates from producers who care as much about their produce as we do about our wine. We have also just been granted a full licence, so you can now stay and enjoy glasses and bottles of the wines that we produce at Westwell alongside your tutored tasting too! As well as Saturday tours, we are also now open for Friday afternoon tastings so you...

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Our First<br>Pink Pet Nat

Our First
Pink Pet Nat

We’re very excited to be releasing our first Pink Pet Nat this year - made with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay macerated on skins for a long weekend. This is a an untamed and fruity affair with a palate of ripe red apple, raspberries and sherbet. It’s an easy drinker which is just as at home with oysters or chips as it is on its own. We’ve been enjoying it as an aperitif or with anything salty, potato-y and hearty. Winemaker Adrian explains “The Pet Nats are real favourites at Westwell. The first to be released each year, they’re...

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Harvest<br>Report 2021

Report 2021

In 25 years of growing grapes in this country, this year has been the most challenging. There were times when we doubted whether we would actually have any ripe fruit - and in fact, if we hadn’t had four weeks of sunshine in September, we would have been harvesting grapes with a potential alcohol of about 6 – 7%, so thank you September! To understand the reasons for the grape yields achieved in 2021, we have to look back at the very difficult growing conditions during the year. Unseasonably cold weather during April and May resulted in a delayed start...

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Ripening in<br>the Vineyard

Ripening in
the Vineyard

The speed of ripening is slow and languorous affair in England and in fact, it’s this long ripening that gives the fruit a longer time than in warmer climes to develop deep, complex and interesting flavours - one of the reasons that our sparkling wines are world class. Though slow, our ripening times are varied, but as a rule of thumb, from veraison (when fruit gets its colour) to harvest takes about four weeks. Ortega is the earliest ripening fruit generally followed by Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir. We finish with Chardonnay around three weeks later. The spaced out ripening...

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