Ortega Amphora 2020

Ortega Amphora 2020

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Fermented and aged in a terracotta Amphora has given greater power and depth with honeyed notes to the floral aromas of the Ortega grapes.


Fermented with wild yeasts on skins and aged in terracotta for 10 months before being bottled without filtration. Candied peel and grapefruit on the nose with a long and honeyed dry zesty finish. Limited to 600 bottles.

Our traditional bespoke terracotta Amphora is the first of its kind in the UK. Terracotta amphorae were the only winemaking vessel for thousands of years.

They are now being used by a few daring and innovative winemakers, including a handful of the most prestigious Bordeaux and Champagne estates, to understand how our forefathers connected with their land to yield more interesting wines.

An excellent accompaniment to seafood, white meats, tapas or enjoyed on its own.



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