Pet Nat
Two New Releases

Adrian, our Managing Director & Winemaker, introduces two of our new release Pet Nats - Petulant Nature 2020 and Naturally Petulant 2020.

How are the Pet Nats made?
The Pet Nats are two of my favourite Westwell wines. The Petulant Nature is made with Ortega and the Naturally Petulant is made with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. We bottled both three quarters of the way through fermentation so that it finishes in bottle, trapping the CO2 to become lightly sparkling.

Petulant Nature 2020, made with Ortega.

Anything to look out for?
Yes! Both can be a little temperamental when opening - both are undisgorged and the Petulant Nature has lees (yeast sediment) in the neck so cover with a tea towel when you open in case of yeasty surprises. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with drinking the lees though, and in fact, over time they can add complexity to the wine.

How does it compare to previous years?
The Petulant Nature 2020 has a touch of sweetness as the yeast didn’t complete the fermentation. The Nat Pet is a new wine for this year.

New this year, Naturally Petulant 2020.

Any standout flavours?
This years’ Pet Nat is particularly ripe and peachy rather than the usual apple and pear flavours. The Nat Pet is crisp and bright with red apple and citrus.

What would you drink it with?
Pet Nat as an Aperitif or on its own, Nat Pet I would have it with anything at all.

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